Ignite Your Artistic Fire by

Hosting a "Masterpiece and Messages" Intuitive Painting Party
You could get your session for Free!!

Angie Butler Welch

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Ever Done a Paint and Sip?  I've put my own little spin on it!  Not only do I walk you step by step through your painting, giving you a variety of choices on colors and even canvas size, BUT I'll also give each person a FREE mini intuitive reading based on their painting!  It's amazing the insight, healing and guidance that comes through, just from YOUR painting!  It's kind of like a 2 for 1 special!!  You can host at YOUR place, or use my office!

Benefits/Duties for the Host/Hostess:
 You’ll have a fun time gathering friends and family together, but it is a little work.  As a thank you, the host receives a discounted or free session!  Use it the day of the party or save it for later.  If a deposit or travel fee is necessary you will need to take care of that (see below).  The host must also provide ample space for guests to paint!  This means table space and chairs for each person. The host may want to provide some light snacks and drinks for the guests!  While I generally ask that people abstain from alcohol before a reading, for these events only, I am okay with guests consuming a small amount of alcohol if the host is offering it.  Lots of people enjoy having a glass of wine while they are painting.

Minimum Guests: (Based on driving distance one way from my home in Clifton) 
*  Within 30 minutes: 5 paid guests minimum - host receives 50% off their session, 6 or more paid guests - host is free!
*  30 min to 1 hour: 6 paid guest minimum, host receives 50% off their session, 8 or more paid guests - host is free!
*  1 hour to 1 ½ hours:  8 paid guest minimum, (host is free with 8 guest minimum)
*  1 ½ hours and beyond: 10 paid guest minimum, (host is free with 10 guest minimum)

IF PARTY IS AT MY OFFICE, 4 paid guests minimum - host receives 50% off their session, 6 or more paid guests - host is free!

Maximum Guests: Due to space, time and supplies there is a 20 guest maximum.  Special accommodations can be made for larger groups with proper planning.

Cost per guest: $35 per person.  Remember, as a psychic medium I also give mini readings from your painting!

Travel Fees: Please note, as much as I hate adding any extra fees, I do have a small travel fee for most parties.  I think you'll find it reasonable.  For travel over 1 hour (one way distance) $20; Over 2 hours (one way distance) $40.  Travel fee over 3 hours begins at $50 and is determined on an individual basis.  Travel fees are due at least 24 hours before the party (unless other arrangements have been made) and help cover the cost of gas, and time spent traveling. Some hosts pay for this themselves, others have guests split the costs by paying a couple dollars each.

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