Angie Butler Welch

Medium, Intuitive Artist, Pranic Healer


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ORIGINAL ARTWORK IN STOCK  This is artwork I have been inspired to paint and have in stock and ready to ship to you. All pieces are offered for sale at a discounted rate.


Prices listed in Purple are Maine Resident Discounted Prices.

Non Maine Resident Prices are listed second.

ART MEDIUMSHIP:  During this unique and special experience, you will receive a customized, intuitive drawing, along with your private, personalized message.  I will connect with your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed and be guided to create art for you while receiving your message.  (This can be done long distance as well!)

  • Soft Pastels on Paper: Sessions start at $45 for 15 minutes / *$75 for 30 minutes.
  • 11 x 14 Intuitive Acrylic on Canvas $60 and up
  • 16 x 20 Intuitive Acrylic on Canvas $100 and up                                                                                                                               *Most popular option

* Please note, price is subject to change when I am traveling for a long distance party, to cover the cost of my travel.

PSYCHIC/MEDIUMSHIP MESSAGES  Receive messages from your loved ones in spirit. 

In person * By Phone  * Skype

  • Messages/Readings $120 per hour ($30 for 15 min, $60 for 30 min)
  • Non Maine Resident $150 per hour ($40 for 15 min $80 for 30 min)

AKASHIC RECORDS READINGS - Perfect for insight and guidance on your life path. 

In person  *  By Phone  *  Skype

  • Readings $120 per hour ($30 for 15 min, $60 for 30 min)
  • Non-Maine Resident $150 per hour ($40 for 15 min $80 for 30 min)


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Maine Residents Only (get a discounted rate!)

15 Minutes  $30          30 Minutes  $60          60 Minutes $120

Non-Maine Residents

15 Minutes $40          30 Minutes $80           60 minutes $150