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Angie Butler Welch

Maine Psychic Medium and Intuitive Artist


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* Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you know the universe has been using you in my life lately. I have been trying for 4 years to get my Massage License and honestly gave up on it 2 years ago because of my difficulties with passing the test. Well I have seen you using your gift and how much of a difference you are making to alot of people and it got me thinking how much I would love to do the same. With much meditation and contemplating on where my passion is and what gifts do I have to offer to others the universe has brought me back to Massage Therapy and not only that but I also want to become certified as a Life Coach and a Reiki Practitioner. My goal is to get out there and help people with the tools they need to live a happy balanced life. That's where my passion is. Seeing you do the work you have been gifted with has been my true inspiration and has helped me with the motivation I have needed to get back on track with things. I'm so thankful that you share what you share through your live feeds and Facebook page. Not only has what you shared helped me, but seeing you use your gifts has as well. - Robbie W

* I don't know how you do what you do.... and I guess I don't need to!  I just know you were spot on in your reading.  You brought through my child - and there was no way for you to know I had lost a child.  You even gave me part of her name.  The messages of love and healing... You left me with so much peace and courage to move forward.  You are a gift.  I am so thankful for what you gave me.  It was more than just a reading and a picture. Thank you. - Melissa L.

* I just wanted to leave a thank you on your page. I cannot put into words the amount of weight that has been lifted off my shoulders as we spoke. You are truly gifted at what you do. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift not only with me but with my friends as well. The amount of healing that began on Sunday to one of my dearest friends was/is remarkable!!! Thank you Angie Butler Welch I am now so excited for my future. A future i truly didn't think I would have but now I am sure is going to be filled with many blessings! - Laura C.

* Angie thank you so much for the reading on Sunday I can tell you it was overwhelming for me but I needed it . That meant so much to me . Looking forward to having another one with you. Again thank you. - Lori B.

* When I received my intuitive art, I was shocked and amazed.  It was a beautiful painting of the ocean with dolphins swimming in it.  The week prior to having my painting made I went to the ocean and sat and meditated on a rock and asked to see dolphins in the ocean.  Well I did not see any marine life that weekend, but a few days later my painting arrived and to my delight it had the oceans and the dolphins.  The painting provided so much confirmation in my life.  Dolphins are one of my spirit animals and the ocean is my power source.  Thanks Angie, you are so talented.  - Nadia S.

* My session with Angie was wonderful!  Angie was sensitive my needs and beliefs and was extremely accurate with her reading. I have always been curious about Akashic records and was fascinated by how helpful and supportive her reading was. I will definitely be calling her again and if you are thinking about it, I would just do it!  - Kavita M

* My reading came with Angie having to sing a couple of songs to me...lol!  Made me laugh, cry and come out of it feeling strong and encouraged.  Her messages are just what I need to reground myself sometimes.  She is a true gift in my life.  xo  - Jodi W. 

* Angie did my reading at a divination fair recently.  She had excellent confirmations from my Grandma, who had messages for me, so I felt confident she was (and is) legit.  And I loved the art that accompanied the reading. Not only is it beautiful, each part of it is a visual reminder of the messages Angie had for me from my Grandma. Every time I look at it I can remember her specific words and phrases very clearly. - Keri S.

* My first reading and painting was done at Camp Etna - I was asked what my favorite color was and that's all she needed to start. My final picture was of a little beach right on the ocean facing a sunrise.  She was very accurate of my love of the ocean. She talked about how I was at a good place in my life. I love my picture and it has a special place on my wall.  My second reading and chalk pastel drawing was at Acres of Wildlife. In this reading my grandfather (that I have never met) came through to talk to me.  It was a great experience! I learned a lot about him I didn't know. I checked with my mom (after the reading) about some stuff and she confirmed the things I was confused or unsure about.  Angie did an awesome job in both the readings and painting/pastels.  I can't wait to do another one soon!  - Crystal W.

* As someone that has had hundreds of readings I find that Angie is a Medium that comes from the heart. She connects honestly and quickly with loved ones allowing the process to flow naturally. You feel the love and the passion she has for Mediumship in every word she speaks.
Her paint classes with the twist of readings is fabulous! I never knew I could paint so well. If you have not been to see Angie don't wait. Well worth it!  - Kelly P.

* Two words - Blown Away! Thank you for your amazing reading and unbelievably accurate confirmations. - Sue D.

* I have had, I believe 4 readings with Angie.  Every time I am amazed but none truly astonished me more than my very first reading ever. I was brought to tears within 2 minutes and almost instantly became a believer.  She helped me put my heart at ease and answered questions for me that I didn't even know I had. - Victoria V.

* Angie is amazing! I have had many experiences with "psychic's" over the years and have always come away questioning it, usually uneasy and just plain not impressed. My first reading with Angie, not only was she seriously 95% accurate but she was personable, funny, caring, compassionate, easy to talk to and sitting down with her it was like sitting down with an old friend. She has an amazing warmth about her and her drawings are absolutely beautiful. My favorite thing is that not only do you get a reading but you also get the intuitive drawing.
I hosted a party of my own today with Angie in my home for 8 friends and I can tell you each friend walked away totally satisfied with their experience!! All said they would absolutely come to another party if I hosted as well as all want to take her painting class.
As a mother my children are my utmost most treasured gift and obviously I know my children better than anyone. My 15 year old daughter sat in on my reading and wanted one of her own. It was a true blessing to listen to my daughter talk about her experience after Angie had left (I sat in on her reading). My daughter expressed how she felt it helped her so much, eased some confusion she was having, opened herself up to me more and overall felt a lot more confident.
I cannot recommend Angie enough. If you've never had a reading please make an appointment with Angie as you won't be disappointed! If you have had readings before, I guarantee this will be the most satisfying and healing one ever!  - Anna N.

* Angie is one of the most developed psychic artists I have ever come across. Her art work really has impact, her medium-ship is right on the money. I have several paintings and they never cease to amaze me how she captured my essence. It is amazing to watch as the painting unfolds and the reading that you get along with it has impact. I recently took a class on psychic art and I was amazed with how easy she made it. The readings she gets from these is right on. It was so exciting! Thank you Angie.  - Barbara W

* Angie has been like a living guide and mentor to me.  She has helped me to understand messages I could not have on my own, taught me how to understand my own gifts and trust in both my guides and myself.  She has also given me messages from those whom love me on the other side!  She has a wonderful gift and ability to understand what my guides need me to know, and a compassionate yet direct way of sharing it with me.  I am very grateful for all that Angie has shared with me.  - Jessie S.