" I think I have more of your work than anyone.  Your psychic art is not only beautiful but meaningful as well.. You get to the core of a person and present it in a colorful art form.  Spirit is ever present in your work, you are right on the money with your readings.. " - Barbara S.


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Yes, first and foremost, I am a medium and psychic. The bulk of my business involved helping people to connect with their loved ones in spirit with evidential mediumship, or provide insight and guidance through the Akashic Records.  As a healer, I am trained in Pranic Healing and am quite passionate about that modality. Leap of Faith Artistry is the name that describes my personal journey to create and deliver the messages of my soul.  When working with a client, I will tap into your energy, and also connect with your loved ones in spirit to create a personal intuitive piece, complete with a message that Spirit wants me to share with you. It's time for us all to let go of fear... and take a Leap of Faith.

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Intuitive Art with a Personal Message!

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Angie Butler Welch

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