** Examples of Intuitive Art Mediumship pieces above and below.  Each piece is unique and created as I deliver your private, personal message.

This unique method will help you to remember  and reflect on the message long after the reading. Sometimes angels appear, or the energy of a passed loved one and other times deep symbolic meaning presents itself.  Artwork professionally delivered with photo mats and protective plastic cover at no extra charge!

Angie Welch

Medium, Intuitive Artist, Pranic Healer


Have you experienced Art Mediumship? It's a very unique and special experience. You will receive a personalized intuitive drawing, along with your private, personalized message as I connect with your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed. The result is a priceless keepsake memory of your experience, that you can be proud to share with others.

** Soft Pastels on Paper: Sessions start at $45 for 15 minutes / $75 for 30 minutes.*

           * Please note, price is subject to change when I am traveling for a long distance party, to cover the cost of my travel.

** 11 x 14 Intuitive Acrylic on Canvas $60 and up

** 16 x 20 Intuitive Acrylic on Canvas $100 and up

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        In person * By Phone  * Skype

It is an honor to share my gift of mediumship, delivering messages from your

loved ones in spirit.  It is my goal to provide you with evidence of the continuity

of life, leaving you with a true understanding that the soul is eternal, and our

loved ones are never truly gone.

** Messages $130 per hour ($35 for 15 min, $70 for 30 min etc, discount at 1 hr)


     In person  *  By Phone  *  Skype

Need specific guidance on your life's path?  Want to know how your past lives may be affecting your current life? A reading and guidance from your Akashic Records may

be the perfect session.  The Akashic Records is the domain of energy where the recording

of your eternal soul's journey is kept. During this reading, I'll ask you to come prepared

with specific questions for your guides, angels and loved ones. We'll ask these questions

and delve deep to get the answers and guidance you need.

** Akashic Records Readings  $130 per hour ($35 for 15 min, $70 for 30 min etc, discount at 1 hr)
.  I suggest that anyone doing an Akashic Records reading book a minimum of 1/2 hour, as the time goes by fast!  Most people find a full hour to be most beneficial.


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Maine Residents Only (get a discounted rate!)

15 Minutes  $35         30 Minutes  $70          60 Minutes $130

Non-Maine Residents
15 Minutes $45        30 Minutes $90           60 minutes $160