Psychic Medium and Intuitive Artist

Leap of Faith Artistry

Angie Butler Welch

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ORIGINAL ARTWORK IN STOCK  This is artwork I have been inspired to paint, offered for sale at an incredibly discounted rate!

  • 11 x 14 Acrylic on Canvas  $25 and up
  • 16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas $50 and up


ART MEDIUMSHIP  It's a very unique and special experience. You will receive a personalized intuitive drawing, along with your private, personalized message.  I connect with your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed.  (This can be done long distance as well!)

  • Soft Pastels on Paper: Sessions start at $45 for 15 minutes / $75 for 30 minutes.* (most popular)
  • 11 x 14 Intuitive Acrylic on Canvas $60 and up
  • 16 x 20 Intuitive Acrylic on Canvas $100 and up

* Please note, price is subject to change when I am traveling for a long distance party, to cover the cost of my travel.

PSYCHIC/MEDIUMSHIP MESSAGES  Receive messages from your loved ones in spirit 

In person * By Phone  * Skype

  • Messages/Readings $120 per hour ($30 for 15 min, $60 for 30 min)

AKASHIC RECORDS READINGS - Perfect for guidance on your life path. 

In person  *  By Phone  *  Skype

  • Readings $120 per hour ($30 for 15 min, $60 for 30 min)