Intro to Art Mediumship: In this fun and creative class participants will get a hands-on introduction to Art Mediumship. We'll go over colors and symbols, and discuss some of their general meanings. We’ll also discuss how to best interpret the messages (ie, what does a rainbow mean to you, it might be different for me). Participants will also have the opportunity to try their own hands at art mediumship by practicing on their peers. No experience necessary!

Art Mediumship Level II – Intermediate Class: If you liked your experience in the Intro to Art Mediumship workshop, here’s your chance to take it to the next level. In this fun and creative hands on class, participants will dive deeper into Art Mediumship on a more personal level. We’ll take a short meditative journey to connect with one of YOUR spirit guides, asking them to help in your personal interpretation of colors and symbols, as well as how to understand WHO in the spirit realm may be trying to connect with you as you work on your artwork. Participants will have over an hour of hands on practice with their peers.

Exploring your Spiritual Gifts (1 hour informational): Do you sometimes know things before they happen?  Ever just had a feeling about something that proved right? Do you sometimes have vivid dreams? Have you felt the presence of a loved one in spirit? What does this all mean?  In this fun group workshop we will go over many of the various spiritual gifts, helping you to understand the differences and how they might be present in YOU! Interactive discussion format.

Exploring your Spiritual Gifts (2 hour with psychic medium games!): This workshop piggybacks off the basic Exploring your Spiritual Gifts. After the discussion, the real fun begins as they help you explore and access your spiritual gifts of intuition, mediumship and healing by playing some fun Psychic and Mediumship games! You’ll be amazed at how your gifts present themselves!  No experience necessary for this fun and enlightening workshop!!

Discover your Power Animal (1+ hour discussion and guided meditation): There is so much to be learned from nature and animals! Communicating without words, their senses are for more tuned than ours.  In this discussion we will talk about animals, their characteristics and why they might be presenting themselves to you now.  We will also take a guided meditation where you will have the chance to meet your powerful animal totem and find out what message they have for you.

Meet your Spirit Guide (1+ hour discussion and guided meditation): Spirit guides - they are all around us, and yes, we all have them! But who are they? And how can they help us?  In this workshop we start with an interactive discussion and then set out on a guided meditation to meet one of your guides.

Candle Magic and Manifestation: It’s not just a cliche - what you think about, you really do bring about. In this interactive class we will discuss how to clearly direct your energetic thoughts and how adding in the element of fire is an effective way to manifest things in your life. Participants will learn: various candle colors; what to use them for; how to prepare your candle for manifesting; when the best times are in which to burn your specific candles. Participants will each create 2 different manifestation candles. All supplies provided.

Creating your (etheric) Sacred Space (1+ hour discussion and guided meditation): In this workshop we will discuss why it is important to have an etheric sacred space (a mental healing and meditation space or room) and take a guided meditation where you will actually create your personal and private sacred location.

Manifestation Made Easy (1+ hour informational and practice): Discover the 4 simple steps to manifest your dreams and desires.  Learn the pitfalls that so many of us make and how to avoid them.  We’ll even try some hands work to help you define what you want.  All we need is a pen, paper and our hearts!

Meditation Made Easy (1+ hour discussion and guided meditation): Incorporating meditation into your daily life is one of the most powerful things you can do to progress on your path of spiritual awakening. It’s also known to improve your mental and physical health. It can be a time and place where we gain insight into our path, our past, our present, our future… and all possibilities. While meditating we can seek guidance from our higher self, from source, from our guides, angels and even loved ones in spirit.  In this workshop you’ll learn 8 ways to incorporate this practice into your daily life!

Intuitive Painting Workshops: If you've ever been to a 'paint and sip' or a 'sip and swirl', then you'll LOVE this!  It's similar but has a twist!  I will take the group step by step through the process of a painting (maybe a tree of life, or an angel or whatever your group wants to paint). However, I'll give you free range in creativity with colors, shapes etc. During and after the painting process, I'll be offering my intuitive and psychic messages that I'm receiving from your painting!  Intuitive Painting workshops start at $35 per person, with all materials included.

This is ONLY a sample of popular workshops... want something different?  Let's chat!  I can design a workshop to suit your needs.

Workshop Offerings

Most workshops are normally 1-2 hours, and start at $25 per person.

Workshops can be modified to suit your needs.

Minimum workshop size depends on location and distance from me. Travel fees may apply. Let's discuss!

Angie Butler Welch

Medium, Intuitive Artist, Pranic Healer