Angie Butler Welch

Medium, Intuitive Artist, Pranic Healer


The Art of Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

To understand Pranic healing you must first acknowledge that the body functions best when all aspects of the Self are being cared for.

During these crazy days that see us running from dusk until dawn, we often don’t get to nourish ourselves in every facet of our lives.

Whether we are eating poorly, lacking sleep, or not finding the time to get out and exercise, these imbalances can cause problems for many. 

Pranic Healing starts with Prana

From the Sanskrit the word “Prana” translates to “life” or “spirit”. The concept takes it much further. Prana is considered the energy that

keeps all life in the universe safe and flowing normally. It is the spirit that guides us, and resides in every creature and even the sky,

the stars, and more. Prana is taken in three ways, air, light and the earth.  How much Prana is present within you reflects how healthy you

are. Various outside sources can deplete your prana and cause illness and stress. 


How can I help?

Since Pranic healing is healing with no touch, there are a variety of ways we can connect and I can help you. When your Prana is depleted

in any area you may feel run down or even sick. I will meet with you in person or by video, and scan you to see where your energy is low.

Once I have determined where the abnormalities are, I will cleanse you to remove any negative or “dirty” energy. My last step is to revitalize

you with fresh Prana. Much like the healing of wound, your body’s energy must take steps to heal; first finding and expelling the toxins, then

taking the necessary steps to treat the wound and heal. As a trained Pranic Healer I will tend to your spiritual wounds and help them heal. 

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