Angie Welch

Medium, Intuitive Artist, Pranic Healer

Attention Restaurant Owners!

Want a unique night out for your guests?  Let's talk about offering a Psychic Dinner!

What is it?

Psychic Dinners are a unique event for both restaurants AND guests!  Restaurants turn a typically slow night into a very profitable evening, and guests get two great experiences for one ticket price!  It's truly win/win!  I work with an experienced team of talented and professional psychic mediums, and together we have successfully helped restaurants offer a unique night out that has patrons wanting more!  We have worked with smaller groups of 20 and larger groups of nearly 100.  I always bring additional mediums to meet the demand of the group size, however, I HIGHLY recommend (based on my experience) that groups larger than 40 be done in 2 seatings so guests receive their reading in a timely manner.

How does it work?

You provide the meal and we provide the reading. The restaurant is responsible for reservations and joint advertising.  We will direct people to call you, to reserve their seats.  We suggest you have people prepay for their tickets, as that keeps guests committed to the event. You’ll also have a better idea how much food to prepare, and I’ll know how many mediums to bring (I have an extensive team to pull from)!  The restaurant provides the meal and a drink for the guest, and our talented group of psychic mediums will provide each guest with a message.  Yes, EACH GUEST RECEIVES A READING!  All of the psychic mediums I work with are professional, experienced, accurate, and speak from the heart.  Our goal is to provide everyone with a positive experience offering messages of love, hope, confirmation, guidance and healing from their angels, guides and loved ones in spirit.  The restaurant may wish to do the psychic dinner in a separate part of the restaurant OR reserve the night for the psychic dinner only. 

How do the mediums get paid?

We split the ticket price with the restaurant.  Although ticket prices may vary per venue, we typically receive $20 per person, and the restaurant receives $15-$30 (Based on dinner ticket prices, these figures are only estimates.) If you are curious about the success of these events, I'd be happy to give you names of restaurants we've worked with.